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Meet Highlights


Professional Emcee


Have you been to a major FPV racing event in the last year, or attended the ReadyMadeRC meet? If so, you've already experienced the dulcet baritone of FPV emcee, Mr. Joe Scully. This year, thanks to the generosity of our premier sponsor ReadyMadeRC, the Canadian Cowboy will be lending his golden pipes to our meet as well!


Joe is actually an action sports MC and event DJ. Not only will he bring some color and entertainment to the PA, he'll make certain that the music is moving, the announcements are timely, and you'll hear about anything of interest that's going on in the field!  We have a fantastic PA setup this year to make certain that you don't miss anything going on.

FPVWRA Wing Race

Have you ever experienced the thrill of a half dozen race wings screaming by, inches apart at over 100 miles per hour?  You will!  CFL FPV has teamed up with the FPV Wing Racing Association (FPVWRA) to host some hardcore wing racing action.

A full schedule of contests and times will be published closer to the event.

Awards Dinner - Saturday


This is an event that you definitely don't want to miss!  ReadyMadeRC, our premier sponsor, will be helping us put the icing on the cake of a fun-filled weekend!  The evening will begin with a catered dinner featuring some great food.  You don't have to buy a dinner ticket to attend the ceremony, but you will probably wish you had when the food starts rolling out!  If you haven't purchased dinner yet and would like to, get your ticket here before the ordering is closed.


As the dinner winds down, we'll begin the awards presentation to recognize those pilots that have risked life and limb (okay, props and foam) to secure their spot in the winners' circle for the racing and contests.  Once the awards ceremony is over it's drawing time! There will be contests and drawings throughout the event, but some of the best and biggest items will be saved for this event. Additionally, any prize that was drawn in the previous three days but has not been claimed will go back in the prize pool. This drawing is a MUST BE PRESENT TO WIN!  Don't be the guy that skips the festivities, only to find out that you missed out on claiming a major prize! 

Event Schedule



Time  Contest/Event

8:00     Open Flying - Self Managed Frequency Control

10:00   Check In and Operations Open

12:00   Food Vendor Open

12:00   Managed Time Slots Begin

2:20     Fixed Wing Limbo

3:20     Multirotor Limbo

4:00     Scheduled Flight Resumes

6:20     Managed Time Slots End - Self Managed Frequency Control

6:20     Wing Gaggle

6:30    Operations Closed

6:30    Open Night Flying

7:00    Food Vendor Closed

8:00    Tiny Whoop Race


Time  Contest/Event

8:00     Check In and Operations Open - Managed Time Slots Begin

8:00     Food Vendor Open

10:00   Pilot Briefing - All Flight Suspended

10:20   Scheduled Flight Resumes

12:00   Fixed Wing Racing Qualifiers

1:20     Blind Man's Bluff 2.0 Contest

1:40     Scheduled Flight Resumes

2:00     StoneBlue Airlines Demo/Interview

4:00     Fixed Wing Racing Qualifiers

5:00     Scheduled Flight Resumes

5:00     Food Vendor Closed

5:30     Video Aerial Systems Demo/Interview

6:20    Managed Time Slots End - Self Managed Frequency Control

6:20    Wing Gaggle

6:30   Operations Closed

6:30Open Night Flying

8:00Multirotor Night Race (5.8 GHz Closed)


Time  Contest/Event

8:00     Check In and Operations Open - Managed Time Slots Begin

8:00     Food Vendor Open

10:00   Pilot Briefing - All Flight Suspended

10:20   Group Photo

10:40   Scheduled Flight Resumes

11:00   Atmospheric Adventures Demo/Interview

12:00   Fixed Wing Racing Qualifiers

1:00     Scheduled Flight Resumes

1:30     ReadyMadeRC Demo/Interview

2:40     Multirotor Team Race

4:00     Blind Man's Bluff 2.0 Contest

4:20     Fixed Wing Racing Main Event

5:00     Scheduled Flight Resumes

5:00     Food Vendor Closed

6:20     Managed Time Slots End - Self Managed Frequency Control

6:20     Wing Gaggle

6:30     Operations Closed

6:30     Open Night Flying

7:30     Awards Banquet and Dinner

8:15     Prize Drawings


Time  Contest/Event

8:00     Check In and Operations Open - Managed Time Slots Begin

8:00     Food Vendor Open

9:40     FPV Drag Racing (Fixed Wing and Multirotor)

11:00   Scheduled Flight Resumes

12:40   Multirotor Freestyle Competition

1:40     Fixed Wing Combat

2:00     Scheduled Flight Resumes

3:00     Food Vendor Closed

3:00     Managed Time Slots End - Self Managed Frequency Control

3:30     Operations Closed

3:00     Open Flying

4:00     Teardown Begins

Event Details (Subject to change)




Registration for each contest will occur the day of the event.  If you're registered as a pilot then you're all set for now.


Racing - Multirotor Team Race 

Classes: All races will be open to any form of FPV multirotor with a maximum of a 4S power system.

Team Requirement: Minimum of three pilots, maximum of five pilots.


Contest Details: Multirotor team race is a heads up winner take all event.  One member from each team takes off and flies until they are ready to land.  Upon landing a spotter retrieves the quad, it is powered down, the next team member powers up, and takes off.  The first team to complete 100 laps is the winner.  Each team pilot must take turns in their assigned order, you may not use your "ringer" pilot to fly every other relay.

Racing - Multirotor Night Race 

Classes: All races will be open to any form of FPV multirotor with a maximum of a 4S power system.


Contest Details: Multirotor night race will include one round of qualifying, with the fastest eight* qualifiers competing in the main event.  Why only one qualifier?  Because this is a fun meet rather than a race only meet, there will not only be multirotor racing, but also fixed wing racing and numerous other contests and events, as well as general free flight time that racers can use for course practice or just having fun!


*Number of qualifiers in main event will be partially dependent upon video frequency limitations, but we will make every effort to accommodate the eight fastest qualifiers.

Racing - FPVWRA Fixed Wing Race

Classes: Spec Wing and Sport, as defined by the FPVWRA guidelines.

Contest Details: Fixed Wing racing will be run in adherence to the FPVWRA rules and regulations.  For a complete list of guidelines please visit the FPVWRA rules page.

Racing - Tiny Whoop Race 

Classes: Tiny Whoop, built from a Blade Inductrix or Inductrix FPV, limited to 6mm motors.

Contest Details: All the world is a race course, when you're only three inches tall! However, for this race, the course will be laid out under the 40' x 60' operations and pilot tent.  The devious minds at CFL FPV are still deciding what obstacles you'll have to contend with, but with front row seating for the spectators, and a host of possible surprises, you can be sure that the it will be tons of fun, whether you're the pilot or just a race fan!

Racing - Multirotor Drag Racing 

Classes: Open class, no maximum on power system.  Run what you brung!


Contest Details: Pilots run a two at a time, and are timed from the buzzer (standing start on the ground), out and around a fixed point, and then back across the finish line.  All times are recorded, and the top four fastest run head to head in a single elimination semi-final, then a final.

Racing - Fixed Wing Drag Racing 

Classes: Open class, no maximum on power system.  Run what you brung!


Contest Details: Pilots run a two at a time, and are timed from the buzzer (standing start on the ground), out and around a fixed point, and then back across the finish line.  A launcher (person or mechanical) is required.  All times are recorded, and the top four fastest run head to head in a single elimination semi-final, then a final.

Limbo - Multirotor

Classes: Open to any form of FPV multirotor with at least a 120mm motor to motor distance and brushless motors.  Must be flown FPV, no LOS allowed.

Contest Details: Are you the type of pilot that considers the thwack of your props cutting grass a satisfying sound? Do you intentionally look for spaces that you don't really think your multi will fit through, then decide to test that theory at high speed?  If so, then this is the contest for you! You'll fly through a box made of PVC, and each round the box will close in smaller on all sides. You get one "do-over" to use at any point during the contest, if no repairs are needed and you can immediately fly again. Once that's gone, if you miss the gate, break the ribbon, or have contact with the ground that brings you to a stop then you're out! The clean pass through the smallest box wins!

Limbo - Fixed Wing


Classes: Open to any form of fixed wing FPV aircraft, but must be flown FPV.  No LOS allowed.  


Contest Details: How low can you go? Is looking up at tree tops your preferred method of flying? This is the classic cruise ship favorite, but this version is far less likely to throw your back out! The rules are simple, each round the "bar" (streamer tape) gets lower. You get one "do-over" to use at any point during the contest. Once that's gone, if you miss the gate, break the ribbon, or have contact with the ground that lasts longer than two seconds then you're out! Lowest pass wins!



Freestyle Competition - Multirotor


Classes: Open to any form of FPV multirotor, but must be flown FPV.  No LOS allowed.  


Contest Details: Participants will have two minutes to perform as many tricks as possible and to impress the judges and crowd.  Points will be awarded based on style, creativity of the routine, and difficulty.  Highest score at the end of the event is the champion!



Combat - Fixed Wing


Classes: Any form of fixed wing LOS aircraft.


Contest Details: The arena will consist of a “virtual cube” that is 100’ per side. All aircraft will launch simultaneously and remain in that airspace while attempting to disable or destroy their opponents in a crash-up-derby style free for all. This is a single event; no brackets, no re-do’s. Once the plane is down, it stays down. The one exception to this is that an unintended landing after takeoff (i.e. a bad launch) within the first five seconds of the event will be allowed one re-launch. In the event that more than one plane survives the melee, at a random interval somewhere between the five minute and six minute mark of the contest a buzzer will sound. Once the buzzer sounds, all remaining pilots will have 15 seconds to land, but on the way down they'll attempt to knock over a target that is sitting on a low pedestal below the combat airspace. The first airplane to knock over this target after the buzzer sounds, or the airplane landed closest to the target (in the event that no one hits the target) will be declared the winner! 



Best Night Flyer - Multirotor


Classes: Any form of FPV or LOS Multirotor.


Contest Details: Do news agencies reports UFO sightings when you fly at night? Do cults gather on your street with signs proclaiming, "I'm ready, take me away"? Does NORAD take a special interest in your flight path? If this sounds familiar, then you might be a night flyer. Put your aerial light show to the test and you might walk away with the title of Best Night Flyer!



Best Night Flyer - Fixed Wing


Classes: Any form of FPV or LOS fixed wing aircraft.


Contest Details: When you say that your plane uses a "multi-battery" setup, does that mean one for the motor, and one for the lights? Is the one for the lights bigger? Does your flight end up the subject of a 911 call (hmmm, Doug)? If your Taranis is programmed to play "Light 'Em Up" when you select your night flyer, then you're the sort of pilot we're looking for.



Blind Man's Bluff Contest


A wearable and fully enclosed viewing system with a 5.8GHz receiver on channel 5800 is required.  It may be a pair of googles, an enclosed HeadPlay HD style display, or something custom, but you must have no external visibility while wearing it.  It needs to be mobile and hands-free, so all receivers, antennas, and batteries must be wearable or contained in a bag or backpack.

Course Layout

Things To Know


The frequency badges will breakdown as follows during free flight:


  • 900 MHz (910 MHz – 1080 MHz)

  • 1258 MHz

  • 1280 MHz

  • 2.3 GHz (2010 MHz – 2390 MHz)

  • 2.4 GHz (2430 MHz – 2510 MHz)

  • 3.3 GHz (3330 MHz – 3370 MHz)

  • 3.4 GHz (3430 MHz – 3470 MHz)

  • 5.8 GHz #1 (5640 MHz – 5690 MHz)

  • 5.8 GHz #2 (5730 MHz – 5750 MHz)

  • 5.8 GHz #3 (5790 MHz – 5820 MHz)

  • 5.8 GHz #4 (5860 MHz – 5866 MHz)

  • 5.8 GHz #5 (5905 MHz – 5950 MHz)

  • ConnexPro #1 (Fixed Mode 5255 MHz)

  • ConnexPro #2 (Fixed Mode 5315 MHz)

  • ConnexPro #3 (Fixed Mode 5515 MHz)


* Yes, there are some channels missing, particularly in the 5.8GHz analog groups.  This is intentional to ensure at least 40MHz separation if one pilot is at the edge of their group (for example 5820 in group three), while another pilot is at the bordering edge in an adjacent group (for example 5860 in group four).  For general time slot based flying during the open periods we will be using the frequency badges as outlined above, however during the racing the field will be closed and we will use race band and other bands/frequencies as well.

* ConnexPro HD systems must be used in Fixed Frequency Mode.


* Know your video frequency! Not your band, like 5.8GHz, but the specific channel/frequency you're using, and how to change channels on your VTx if necessary.  You really don't want to be the person that brings someone else down by turning on the wrong channel.


* 2.4GHz video is at your own risk.  There will be people using 2.4GHz control systems, and the two do not always play well together.  If you choose to use those video frequencies then we assume you have made an informed decision and are comfortable with that possibility.


* Do NOT turn on or power up any video transmitter without being in possession of the corresponding video frequency badge, and only during your assigned time slot.


* When it is your turn and you're ready to power up, turn on your video receiver first and verify that there is not a signal already present on that frequency.  If the receiver is getting static and you're ready to power up your video transmitter, call out your frequency.  LOUDLY.  Wait a second and listen to make certain that no one else is currently running that frequency.  Yes, it's your time with the tag, but sometimes people make mistakes.  After you turn on your video transmitter, take another moment and listen for the sound of screaming and/or anguish.  If you hear that, power down immediately! You may be in the right, but it still sucks to crash another pilot because you turned on.


* Do not power up right next to another pilot's ground station antenna.  Even on a different frequency, you may interfere with their video.


* No boosters or megawatt transmitters. This is a group meet.  It's a time to chase other pilots around the field in tandem, fly through the race gates, show off for the spectators, and just generally have fun!  It's not the time to attempt a new personal altitude or distance record.  We'll be flying with managed time slots, so you won't be able to make long distance treks anyway.  Play nice with your fellow pilots and leave the super high power gear behind.


* All flight times will be managed in 20 minute time slots that you sign up for ahead of time.  This process works great if you follow the rules.  If you're 15 minutes late for your slot, then it will be a very short flight.  Handling things this way allows everyone plenty of chances to fly, and actually creates more air time because no one will sit on the frequency tag or take their time getting in the air.


* Time slots will all run parallel on the hour, and at 20 and 40 minutes past the hour.  If you want to fly with a buddy, make certain you sign up for the same time period.


* IMMEDIATELY turn your tag back in after your flight is completed.  This should be your number one priority after powering down your aircraft.  The emcee will provide a five minute warning before the end of each time slot, this gives you time to start thinking about landing.  Plan ahead so that you may land, power down, and turn in your frequency badge by the end of your time slot.  Do not wait until the next time slot is beginning to start thinking about landing.  Be courteous to your fellow pilots; they may be the one ahead of you next time.


* Do not land right next to another pilot's ground station antenna.  Even on a different frequency, you may interfere with their video.


* Have fun and be safe!

What To Bring




  • Lots of fun things to fly, and spare parts!

  • Bug Spray - It shouldn't be needed in February, but it is Florida.

  • Flashlight - It's a big camp, and the night is dark and full of terrors.  Okay, not so much terror, it's just a quote. 

  • Money - There will be many sponsors on-hand with some great deals, and a food vendor during the days, so come prepared. There's usually a few people with their own personal swap meet going on too.

  • FM Radio - We will have a full time professional emcee, with lots of announcements that you'll want to hear.  The camp is a big area so we'll be broadcasting the PA on a low power FM transmitter.  Having a small radio or boombox in your pit or campsite will make it much easier to keep up with what's going on!

  • Mobile Phone - Okay, so I probably don't have to remind you of that one, but we'll also be sending out updates through a text notification service during the meet.  Whether you're in your RV, out at the cabins, strolling a nature trail, or lounging by the pool at the hotel, you can be kept up to date on all the highlights of the meet!  To opt in, text the word CFLFPV to 84483.





  • There are real bathrooms and showers for you to use.  This isn't a hotel, you'll need your own soap, shampoo, towel, and anything else required for your daily routine.  It's summer camp style, so I'd suggest a pair of flip flops to wear in the bathroom, and a robe or t-shirt and shorts.  Please don't scar your fellow pilots by being that guy that is way too comfortable naked around a bunch of strangers.

  • Blankets - It's Florida in February, it could be in the 80's or the 30's.  Come prepared for either possibility unless you've checked the weather just beforehand and feel confident in your weatherperson.

  • Earplugs - If you're a light sleeper, you may want some of these.  A tent doesn't block much sound, and some people like to fly late into the nigt and/or early in the morning.  It's a flying meet, that's what they're here to do!  If you get grumpy without your beauty rest then come prepared.



Bunk Renters


  • Bedding and linens.  You are responsible for providing your own bedding and pillow!  Don't show up empty handed unless a bare mattress appeals to you.

  • Each cabin has at least two full bathrooms.  As mentioned for the campers above, bring your own toiletries, towels, and whatever you choose to sleep in or wear around the cabin.

  • Each cabin will be provided with a basic FM radio.  Most cabins are divided into three rooms that may be closed off from each other, so if you're not in the "radio room" you may choose to bring an additional radio of your own for listening to meet announcements.

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: I’m brand new to FPV, should I attend an event like this?


A: We all have to start somewhere. You may find that a larger event like this is more intimidating for a new pilot, and it is not the best environment to learn to fly if you’re still getting the hang of things, but it’s a fantastic way to meet other pilots and to learn from more experienced veterans. Even if you don’t fly at the event, it’s a tremendous educational experience.



Q: I’m a hardcore Quad racer, what will the competition and class breakdown look like?


A: This is an FPV “fun” meet with some racing, not a race meet.  Please see the Event Details above for a full breakdown of the different races and class explanations.  This meet is not 100% focused on competition.  We will have some great racing (both multirotor and fixed wing), but will also have unique contests like Limbo and Combat, as well as a few surprises that will be unlike anything you’ve seen before!  If a race meet is the only thing you’ve ever done, you may be surprised to see how enjoyable a laid back “fun” meet is!



Q: Is this an AMA meet?  Is AMA membership required?


A: No, this is not an AMA sanctioned meet, as some aspects of FPV flight do not fall within the AMA guidelines.  The AMA is working to find reasonable methods of managing FPV flight, and we hope that as the hobby grows we will be able to host such events under AMA sanctioning in the future.



Q: I only fly line of sight (LOS), may I attend this event?


A: We welcome modelers of all types to come watch and meet other pilots, especially if you’re interested in learning about FPV. We will offer a few times for LOS flying, however, since this is an FPV specific event, most of the events and contests will require FPV flight.  There are some pilots that enter but never fly, just for a chance to meet other pilots, learn more about FPV, and have a shot at the tremendous amount of prizes being given away!



Q: Do I have to register in order to fly or compete in the contests?


A: Yes, due to channel conflicts and liability reasons, only registered pilots will be able to fly during the meet.



Q: I just want to buy a ticket for a shot at the prizes, are there "raffle only" tickets available?


A: No, in order to keep the prizes available for the pilots, it will not be possible to gain entry into the main prize drawing unless you sign up as a pilot.  However, there may be some additional raffle only prizes.



Q: I’m sure my name will be drawn, do I have to be present to win?


A: No, you don't have to be present to win, but you do have to claim your prize by the awards banquet and major drawing on Saturday night. If you win a prize before you check-in, or while you're away, we'll put it aside with your name on it. At 7:00 PM Saturday any unclaimed prizes will go back into the prize pool for the big must-be-present-to-win drawing at the banquet.



Q: I hear that some of you guys are a little crazy, is this a family friendly event?


A: Generally speaking, yes! Some of the pilots may relax around the camp fire at night, and as with any after-hours social gathering a parent should moderate which conversations and environments are appropriate for kids to be involved in. It's probably best for the kids to head out before the evening gets too late, but we always have a great group of entertaining pilots though that are eager to meet fellow FPV’ers. 



Q: The announcement says this is a charity meet, but flying RC aircraft doesn’t sound very charitable.  What’s the story?


A: In order to give something back to our local community, as well as to highlight the fact that “drone” (let’s face it, that’s what everyone knows them as now) doesn’t have to be a dirty word, we wanted to make the meet about more than just a bunch of grown (mostly) men having fun. As with most charity events, it’s a lot easier to get people involved and willing to help a cause if you can entertain them while doing so. The meet will still be a lot of fun, and thanks to the generosity of our sponsors we aren’t cutting any corners, but we’re also working to be responsible with our funds so that we may donate all net proceeds to Easter Seals Florida.



Q: What is Easter Seals Florida?


A: Easter Seals Florida is a charity headquartered here in Orlando that has been helping others since 1948.  Their mission is to provide exceptional services, education, outreach, and advocacy so that people living with autism and other disabilities can live, learn, work and play in our communities.  ESF is part of the national Easter Seals organization that has been helping those in need live better lives for nearly 100 years.



Q: I have a store/website/trunk that I sell RC gear from, may I setup a store onsite?


A: In order to keep things fair for our paying sponsors we do have some rules in place regarding product sales and advertising. There are many levels of sponsorship available, so if you'd like to join us as a sponsor please send us an email at


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