• Bunks will be available to rent for $125 per person for the entire event, in summer camp style cabins.
• Each cabin is communal, and includes 8 to 15 bunks in 1 to 3 rooms.
• Cabins include electricity, air conditioning (yes, you may need it in February/March in FL), and 2 to 3 bathrooms with showers.

• Bringing the whole club, or a group of friends?  You have the option to reserve an entire cabin just for your group!

Actual bunk photo.  You provide the snazzy bed covering!

Want a feather duvet, complimentary breakfast, and workout room with a pool?


Hampton Inn Mount Dora

19700 US Highway 441

Mount Dora, Florida 32757

(352) 383-4267


Distance From Meet: 7.8 miles



Looking for a more economical room that doesn't include silly things like marble countertops and a microwave?


Budget Lodge
18730 US Highway 441
Mount Dora, FL 32757
(352) 383-2181


Distance From Meet: 8.9 miles


• Port-O-Potty’s will be provided on the flying field.
• A food vendor will be onsite during the day.
• Real bathrooms and showers will be available for attendees that are camping onsite in a tent or RV.

Camping Onsite:

• You may setup a tent or bring an RV.

• Camping fees are $45 for the entire event, and provides a real shower and bathroom.
• There are no water or electrical hookups for RVs, so plan to be self-sufficient during your time onsite.

• Water *may* be available in small quantities through the camp.  
• Bringing a generator with power to spare is the quickest way to make new friends and find yourself lord of your immediate area.

Bunking Onsite:
Local Hotels: