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CFL FPV is proud to announce the 13th annual Central Florida FPV Meet for 2024!


The CFL FPV Meet began as a small gathering of like-minded enthusiasts in the early days of First Person View (FPV) flying. It was such a fun-filled and educational experience that the organizers decided to try it again the next year, and the CFL FPV Meet was born. Over the last 13 years it has grew into one of the largest, and most widely supported FPV events in the country.  


In the post-COVID landscape we've scaled back the event to a smaller gathering with less overhead and structure.  While past events have had up to 150 pilots, this year we're targeting 35, and it will be more self-managed open flying rather than non-stop scheduled events and contests.  Getting back to our roots if you will, with a low-key event that includes lots of time to fly and hang out with friends and fellow pilots.


Several years ago we moved to a new location that includes not only a great flying field, but amenities such as real bathrooms, showers, pavilions, and bunks that will be available for attendees to rent and stay onsite (think summer camp style)! We've partnered with the Easter Seals Florida, a charity that is dedicated to improving the lives of those with autism and other disabilities, and all net proceeds are donated to this very worthwhile organization. This partnership allows us to not only have a great time as hobbyists, but to also give something back to those in need, and to illustrate the positive nature of the “drone” community. 


Full details on the site are available on the Venue page.  The fun will begin on Thursday, February 29th, and continue through Sunday, March 3rd.

Registration is now open!

A great article from Jason Cole of RC Groups.

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